Unfathomable Patriarch
227 Chapter 227
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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227 Chapter 227

Chang Yongzheng naked ass was sticking out from the rubble. The whole floating stage that the two fighters were on was blown up along with the protective shielding. Zhang Dong was victorious and he was hovering in the air with both his hands behind his back. He was sure to look presentable for the peanut gallery, making yourself look unfazed was part of the plan.

The people in the arena were stunned, the attack that this senior had performed was just too overbearing. In normal circumstances without the powerful protective arrays, the whole arena would have probably been destroyed. The blast would probably take everyone in here out, even most of the nascent soul cultivators wouldn't escape unharmed.

'That's the expressions I've wanted to see. It seems like my plan has worked, hope no one will seek vengeance with me after this.'

Matt thought to himself while he glanced at the opened mouths of the cultivators. Everyone was sure that he would lose. He had also told his people to place a big bet on him, he made quite a small fortune in betting a large sum on himself.

He needed to keep up with his haughty exterior appearance for now. If the cultivators feared his might they would think twice before talking to him. No one should approach him without a good reason and the fight didn't really show much of his true abilities. He wasn't worried that it would be used to counter his attacks that much.

"Let us depart to the hotel, then you are free to visit the city as you please."

Zhang Dong waved his hand and plucked the old farts from his faction from the arena. They would pick up the spirit stones later after the dust had settled. While leaving the people kept glancing at his form and after he left the whole arena erupted.

"D-did you see that? Where did such a powerful master come from?"

"This is a big scoop! We must report this to our sect and tell everyone to watch out for the United Element's Sect"

"How could this be, our Sect Leader Lost…"

Various people shouted out. The cultivators from the sect that Zhang Dong offended couldn't believe what just happened. Their current sect leader was smashed to the ground like some kind of bug. They couldn't even see how this happened, there were just giant explosions after one another and this was the result. They quickly descended to the stage and put a robe over their leader's exposed posterior. He would probably have to disappear from this banquet, for now, the shame was far too big.

A lot of influential people were watching Zhang Dong leave. Everyone made sure to report this to their leaders and elders, this man was clearly someone that you couldn't offend. Normally even if the cultivator was strong the masters could hope to achieve victory if they worked together. In this city on the other hand they would need to face their opponents in a 1 on 1 match.

This United Element Sect's leader was clearly a seasoned warrior with a lot of power. When the news and recordings reached the people present in the city everyone gave out a decree. Offending Zhang Dong was out of the question, interacting with him was also forbidden.

The sect leaders were all experienced in the cultivator life. The only reason the Silver Spear Sect leader went through with the arena match was because he thought his opponent was only in the middle stage. No one in the middle stage could actually be so powerful, the only explanation was that he was somehow hiding his true strength.

This was only a half-truth as Zhang Dong was indeed hiding his real power level. Yet, he really was only in the middle stage, not even that close to the late stage with his Qi cultivation. No one suspected him of having an immortal level cultivation manual though. Having something like that was too far fetched, in the minds of these old masters a cultivation manual like that was just a thing of legends.

'Hope they overthink everything as always and leave me alone now.'

Zhang Dong thought while returning to the hotel. The people there moved their heads down and opened up a path. Everyone was already informed about what transpired in the arena. There was no televised announcement but the communication jades worked well to spread the information.

No one dared look him in the eyes now. He saw everyone looking at the ground, be it, servant or cultivator. The elders and seniors from other sects didn't dare to offend him anymore. This reinforced the notion that he made the right decision.

If he ignored the commotion or let the juniors fight outside the hotel he might have evaded one issue. The problem was that such events could very well take place all over the city. He and his sect didn't have much of a reputation.

Factions like that were bullied a lot and had to prove their worth. With a clear show of might, he was now able to protect himself and his people from harm. They would think twice before asking for a duel or shouting out to them. The only people that might think of going against him would be the sect leaders from the more powerful middle sized sects. Those would be arriving tomorrow though and might not take the warnings of others to heart.

Back in the hotel Zhang Dong sat down on a comfy armchair. The elders that he had come with were now allowed to leave into the city if they so desired. Feng Maling and the others decided otherwise. They felt like they were sticking out too much as it was.

This was also why he brought them here. The youths might have gotten foolhardy after seeing their sect leader winning so easily. He didn't know every person from his sect and the alignments that they had only showed a general idea of their core values. If they started fights with others over small things was unknown.

"That will be all, we will all gather when it's time for the banquet then, if you want to remain in your quarters then it's up to you."

Zhang Dong said while the group of old people walked out. They were far less adventurous than the youngsters so they would probably stay out of trouble.

He was now left alone in his room with a clear look at the city. It had a similar cultural layout as the other cities but it was somehow busier. Many well lit up signs were all over the place that were mostly just ads. It really showed that this was a city of merchants as stores littered every corner.

'Should be fine for now, daddy will come home soon…'

He placed a little round plate on the table. It had some strange inscriptions on it. It was slightly larger than a plate used for teacups. He pointed his finger at it and some spiritual energy shot out of it. The plates' inscriptions started to light up and glow in blue color. They changed patterns until finally settling on one while shining even brighter.

He started hearing a ringing sound, the noise was something similar to what people heard when listening to someone pick up the phone. He started tapping his finger on the table that the device was on and caused it to shake due to his increased strength.

Finally, after about thirty seconds of beeping, he heard a familiar sound. The connection went through and a beam of blue light shot out of the plate looking artifact. It expanded outwardly and increased in size the further it went.

Zhang Dong made sure to block out any other spiritual senses with his own aura before activating this device. He didn't want anyone snooping around while he was doing this.

The blue light started showing an image, it was the face of a beautiful woman with caramel-like skin. This was his wife, Feng Liena looking at him.

What he was using was something akin to a hologram phone. It could also send the image from both places so the callers could see each other on the holographic displays. It was a bit funny but holograms were a lot easier to make in this world than regular flat screens.

He had produced something like this so that he could talk with his lovely wife. This artifact was something the United Element Sect produced and was untraceable by the others.

"Oh, there you are hubby. I was getting worried."

The twenty-year-old looking woman pouted a bit while looking at Zhang Dong's face on her side. Her husband just shifted his eyes to the side and scratched his neck. This prompted Feng Liena on the other side to raise a brow and stare. She knew her husband very well by this point, so she knew that he was hiding something.

"Oh nothing, I just had to talk with a couple of elders on the way and it took more time than I expected."

Due to this treasure, he invented his wife demanded that he call her regularly. Even though she believed in him she was worried that something might happen to him. He was supposed to call her after getting to the hotel but he failed to do so as he was busy thinking about the fight. He also feared that she would worry if he told her what he was planning to do before the match.

"Is that so, my dear husband?"

Zhang Dong gulped as he could hear the tone shift in her voice. He didn't want to worry her but it would probably be better to just come clean. Otherwise, he would probably need to sleep outside his bed chambers when he got back home.

He wasn't sure when it happened but their power dynamic equaled itself out after a while. In the beginning stages of their marriage, his wife was very submissive and always listened to what he said. After some time passed she got a lot more comfortable around him and would now sometimes second guess him, mostly when he tried pulling a fast one on her.

"Well… you see when I first arrived here I met this one uncle with a monocle and a top hat, after that…"

He slowly started explaining from the start. Feng Liena just nodded as he continued and he didn't really see her change her expression much even after he mentioned the fight. She did seem made the moment he mentioned the Silver Spear Sect leader disrespecting him though.

"Hm, Silver Spear Sect… I think I've heard about them; they are quite far away from our sect grounds…"

She murmured to herself.

"You did well hubby, you were far too lenient, I would have at least cut off his hand or leg!"

Zhang Dong's face twitched a bit. His dear wife was a true cultivator, things like face and honor still mattered to her. She wouldn't let her family be disrespected, she felt like her husband was still a bit too soft. This was also one of the reasons that she sometimes was hard on him. Zhang Dong didn't really have the values that the usual people that lived in this world had.

So a strange relationship came to be. On one side was Feng Liena that wanted him to be a bit more ruthless against his enemies. On the other was Zhang Dong who wanted his wife to be a bit less ruthless and maybe show some mercy once in a while.

"I don't know if that man has any backing, it would be unwise to cripple or kill him in the heat of the moment."

He explained himself and his wife had to agree. While the two chatted another visitor appeared. He could see a child's face being pressed against Feng Liena's and it was his little cinnamon roll. He laughed and waved at his cute child, if this went well he would be returning to his family within a week.

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    《Unfathomable Patriarch》