Unfathomable Patriarch
245 Chapter 245
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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245 Chapter 245

Two days had passed since the new life's arrival. The people in the city were still in the middle of a large party. Because of the birth of the Patriarch's son, the sect let even the citizens have a blast.

They sponsored drinks and food to the masses so that everyone could enjoy this happy moment. The people rejoiced and as proper citizens drank themselves silly till they all passed out. Probably a lot more lives were conceived that night but that was a story for a different time.

It was the middle of the night, the sounds of laughter and music could be faintly heard outside. A white-haired man was walking through a long hall. He was wearing a loose robe and some casual slippers. They were the kind that a person would wear at home, unseen by praying eyes.

This was Zhang Dong walking towards a certain room. He was holding a tray with some food on it, a bowl with rice porridge that consisted of spirit rice. This was food specifically prepared for Zhang Liena. He preferred meat dishes to the rice ones but his wife liked something more traditional.

The large door parted as Zhang Dong opened it up with his nascent soul aura. He walked inside while the entrance gently closed behind him without making much of a sound.


On the inside of this room, there was his whole family. His small daughter Xiu was to the side and looking at her baby brother with a finger in her own mouth. She turned to her father when she noticed Zhang Dong entering.

"Yes, it's me, your daddy!"

He just smiled back while slowly walking towards his wife. Zhang Liena was actually looking quite healthy, thanks to the healing formation the whole procedure went rather well. Her body's energies were still slightly in disarray after giving birth but she was recovering her strength at a steady pace.

"Here have some porridge, it has some regenerative properties and is made with seven-star spirit rice."

The tray that the bowl was on made a clicking sound and four legs appeared out of it. It then floated over to Zhang Liena's spot and placed itself right in front of her. She had a nice large white spoon on it and some napkins as well.

Zhang Xiu looked at the floating tray with sparkles in her eyes. She was at that age where every day there was something new to behold.

Zhang Jun, her little brother was right next to the larger bed in which Zhang Liena was in. He was fast asleep in his crib. He had just finished eating his own meal and now it was his mother's turn.

"Dwady, dwady!"

"Ah, yes yes."

Zhang Dong chuckled after looking down at his little munchkin. He used some of his spiritual energy to lift up his small daughter along with some stuffed animals in the room. He made them slowly float around the room, his daughter was quite fond of flying around. She might have gotten it from him as he also enjoyed this ability the most.

"Thank you."

Liena called out while moving her hand over to the white spoon. Her husband took one good look at her and grimaced slightly. He could tell that she hadn't fully recovered and that breastfeeding the child was probably the most she could do.

After taking one bite and gulping it down her hand started trembling. He could see Liena straining herself a bit while trying not to show her discomfort.

"Here, let me help you…"

This bed was quite large, there was enough space on it for him to comfortably sit down next to his wife. He took the white ceramic spoon and took some porage onto it. He then guided it towards Liena's mouth while smiling.

"Say Aaaaaaa~"

Liena blushed a bit but didn't resist. She felt a bit reserved about being babied so much but let Zhang Dong feed her. She opened her mouth and took the food in, as she chewed she could hear the voice of her daughter from above.


Zhang Dong looked up and could see his toddler flailing her arms around in all directions while staring at them. He realized what she was trying to say and made her float towards the bed.

"Want some too?"


Zhang Dong looked to Liena for a moment and their eyes met. Both of them chuckled while he scooped up some porridge. He guided it towards the child's mouth while making airplane noises. Zhang Xiu opened her mouth wide and chomped down on the tasty porridge that was quite nutritious.

Some of the liquids ran down Xiu's cheek as the spoon that they were using wasn't made for kids. There was a bit too much in it for that small toddler to enjoy without it getting a bit messy. The mess was promptly cleaned out with a handkerchief that floated from the side.

'Having something akin to telekinesis does make your life easier…'

He chuckled to himself while giving the rest of the food to his wife. One bite was enough to fill up Xiu's small tummy. This porridge was specially made for Liena so too much of it could prove bad for his daughter as it had too much spiritual energy in it.

The body of a young child would have trouble handling such a thing if she ate too much. Luckily her father was a nascent soul master who had some ways of dispersing the excess into the surrounding.

"You're doing well my dear husband. But it feels like I'm also getting treated like a child."

Zhang Liena giggled some more while watching the empty bowl of food and tray float into the distance.

"It's good to be spoiled from time to time, you should enjoy it my cute wife!"

He replied while disrobing. He set the velvety fabric to the side while revealing a set of boxers underneath. He had recovered after draining his body of a lot of his vital energies and was back to his prime physique.

He then scooted right beside his lovely wife, his hand going right under her head as he assumed the big spoon position. Liena just waited and snuggled up next to him, the two hadn't had the pleasure of sharing the same bed in some time as he was busy at the banquet.

Little Xiu wasn't left floating in the air either. The small toddler was also brought over to sleep with her parents and right between the two. Both of them gave their child a smooch on the forehead before relaxing. So ended the day with the whole family spending the night together.

There were some rough patches here and there as the newborn did wake up during the night. After a quick diaper change and some hugs he was all fine though.

In the morning Zhang Dong slipped out from the room while his wife and children still slept. He slowly closed the door so that they wouldn't notice and gave some instructions to the maids.

He finally headed out to take care of some business, the issue with the Divine Fist Sect was still out there.

He looked at a circular-shaped object, this was a second teleportation beacon. This device would create the portal instantly if the one that he gave to Fang Heng was activated. The problem was that it wasn't and it had been close to a week since the day he saw them off.

He needed to make a decision, to either wait for it to activate or go there directly. He also was apprehensive about leaving while his wife wasn't fully recovered. She was surprisingly healthy but she would probably be out of commission for at least a week.

A lot of things could happen in a week. The Cthulhu monster variant that was probably there could come out of hiding any moment. He wasn't sure how strong it was, the more he waited the stronger it would become and the more potential deaths could occur.

For now, he decided to wait and meet up with the other person involved. He had left Fang Meili in the Argonaut with her maids without saying much and he needed to get her settled in here. He was now heading her way, she was brought over to the west wing of his mansion.

His house was more of a castle than a mansion though. It had to even be divided into four wings and one central square in which there was a large garden with a pond and even a hedge maze.

'That girl has to be worried about her grandfather. She had to see her people be murdered and then be smuggled away here. She also almost died in that competition���'

He recounted what he knew about the girl's predicament in his mind. If he was in her situation he would probably be terrified. Unknown place, unknown people everywhere, and no strength to getaway.

'At least she came with those two maids, hope she doesn't feel too alone…'

He walked through the long halls of his mansion while some of his maids greeted him. This place required a small platoon of servants to maintain. He was against getting a huge house like this, it was a waste of resources in his opinion. The sect could use this space for something more useful.

He had to relent in his opinions as the sect leader had to have the most exquisite looking abode. He also earned quite a bit of money himself so he could afford it. He still didn't like to stand out like this but he had gotten used to it.

He continued walking until he saw a certain person waiting for him.

"Greeting Master."

What he saw was a beautiful young woman with pure white hair just like his. She was one of those fabled beauties that could shake kingdoms and cause wards. Some people labeled her as the most beautiful woman from the sect but in his opinion, that spot was reserved for his caramel skinned wife.

This legendary beauty that had a giant fan club in the sect was his disciple and went by the name Zhang Xue. He had called her over as he had a small task for her.

"Greetings, let us walk."

The girl nodded and remained a step behind her master. She was more of the silent type compared to her brother that was more energetic. That one had mellowed down after the years as he had to now take on the role of the elite senior brother.

He was proud that these two had become respectable adults but they still had their weaknesses here and there.

"You're probably wondering why I called you over Xue. I have a small task for you."

Previously he would ask people for favors but nowadays he changed his conduct to fit more this world's standards. Asking your disciples for favors wasn't something a respectable master would do. They only needed to give them tasks and they would be carried out.

"There is a certain person that I want you to take under your wing, she is slightly younger than you but I think you should get along. She is also your cousin… we have to thank your grandfather for that…"

Zhang Xue listened to the words of her master almost tripping over her own feet at the last part.

"Y-yes? Of course Master."

He needed someone to take care of the girl while he was out. He worried that she might be bullied while he was gone. He was free of the family and sect politics as he was the strongest cultivator here.

This wasn't the same for others though. He knew that everyone was in a rat race trying to get ahead in any way they could. They were schemers left and right, everyone wanted to rise up as high as they could.

He worried that his new relative could be shunned by some jealous sect members that would feel threatened by her arrival. She was Zhang Jin's descendant and the situation in his household was quite chaotic.

While talking the two finally arrived at the guest room. After taking care of his new niece he needed to decide on his next move. Would he stay and wait, or set out on a journey towards the Divine Fist Sect?

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    《Unfathomable Patriarch》