the other world
1 rain days
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the other world
Author :love_coco
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1 rain days

It was 7:00 am you was getting ready for work outside you saw it was raining. So you chose warm clothing you chose a sweater and jeans. You where walking to work.

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But on a moment you fall in a plas of water. You saw your reflexion then a person grap your hand in the water. The person pulled you into the water. you where closing your eyes. You fell you was on the grond.

Then you opend your eyes you was so suprised you saw a hole other wolrd. A place you never been before. You saw drakons, fairies, mairmaids you was so surprised. Then you heared a person speak you look behind you.

You saw a handsome man with dark hair and green eyes. You almost think you fell in love with him. He said what are you doing here I never saw you here before. You said I fell in the water and a person pulled me in the water now am I here you said.

The man ask What is your name if I can ask.

You said Amily. You ask what is your name?

The man said John. Nice to meet you John you said. he said the same. John said your not save here there are monsters here. You ask monsters but how can here be monsters if it here so beautiful.
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    《the other world》