the other world
2 Side
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the other world
Author :love_coco
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2 Side

There is a light side and a dark side said John. With side are we you ask. The dark side said John. WHAT!!!!!!! you said. sssshhhhhh said John the go to kill you if you so loud. But is to late a dark firgur is walking to them.
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John said RUN!!!!! you where running like crazy. At a moment said John we here the light side. You was looking around it was so beautiful you like it so much. John said come om you said where are we going. We going to a villag not far from here. You said fine.

It was 15 minut walking. We here he said you was looking around. It looks so nice and beautiful thanks said John. I think your hungry said John yes you said I didn't eat anything yet. You where going to a café.

You where looking around you saw a elf sitting on a chair. John walked to the elf he said hey Alan. Alan said hey how is that girl you got? its a friend of my her name is Amily. Nice to meet you Alan you said. Nice to meet you to he said.

You were eating, drinking and laughing it was so fun with Alan and John when you was busy with eating up your food. there was someone infrond of you.
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    《the other world》