the other world
3 Anna
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the other world
Author :love_coco
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3 Anna

John looked up he said hey Anna. Anna said hey how is this girl she ask. John said a friend her name is Amily. Nice to meet you Anna. Nice to meet you to she said. Anna ask What are you??. What am I you ask yes she said. Like a fairy, witch, elf, werwolf, vampire or human.

you said I don't know. YOU DON'T KNOW!!! Anna said yes you said. yes you said. John said that you not from here that you come from a other world. Anna can't believ what she heared. John what are you again I am a werwolf. Alan I don't to have to ask you because we can see it. Anna you ask Yes said Anna what are you?

I am a witch she said Cool can you make posions and have magic yes said Anna.

can you maybe teach me it. I don't know said Anna I did never teach a human witch things.

But I will love it to teach you. You said Yeah happy. okay ladies said John should we show Amily the villag YES!!! said the 3 of you.

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Okay said John we are going first to the palace okay you said. You will love it said Anna. it was like a 10 minut walk. finnily you reast the palace. It is beautiful would you like to look inside ask Alan. yes you said I would love it.
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    《the other world》