the other world
5 20 years back
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the other world
Author :love_coco
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5 20 years back

You and Anna where walking to the dinner-room. you saw a big painting on the wall. You ask Anna how are those people. Anna said the old king, queen and the princess. you said but Alan is a prince yes said Anna. But when the king and queen where killed bij Olivia was the next family the family of Alan did become the next roaly family.

Who is Olivia. Olivia is the queen of the dark side. she killed the queen and king. my mother did send her back to the dark side were she never can hurt someone again.

You remember the little princess that was five years old. You did get a black out and you fell on the floor.

~ 20 years back ~

mommy, Daddy do you like my drawing. Yes sweetie ofcourse we like it. sweetie get dress the painter be here soon. Okay mommy, But mommy yes sweetie can you help me with my dresse ofcourse sweetie. You where wearing a light blue dresse. okay sweetie smile and stay still. Okay mommy.

oohhhh dear look how beautiful this is. Your right honey it's perfect. just hang it there on the wall it will fit perfect. Daddy can I see if too yes sweetie of me. here look how pretty you are just like your mommy yes your right daddy.

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~ 2 month's later ~

Happy birthday sweetie thank you mommy and daddy. here open up your pressend okay you said. WOW!!! new pensels thank you mommy and daddy it's no problem sweetie. WHY YOU DIDN'T INVITE ME!!!!

why are you here Olivia?? Don't you know I come here to give a nice pressend. you give never nice pressend Nina you give only cursses.

Then are you right said Olivia . I got a army to defite you. Amily listen to mommy okay. you can't stay here it's to dangerus. Nina yes my queen. Can you do a spel that Amily can be safe in a other world and be back in 20 years. Yes I can said Nina. Amily sweetie we love you and never forget you. . . .
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    《the other world》