the other world
7 Alex and Chloe
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the other world
Author :love_coco
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7 Alex and Chloe

Chloe live in the fairy city and Alex in the vimpire city. You have cities for everyone. Yes said Alan. But we got the big city where everyone lives said Anna. But the most people like to live in there on city said John. Okay how are we going to visited first?. The fairy city is really close so let's go there first said Anna. Okay guy let pack ur stuff. Wait said Anna's mother. firts you have to get your rest and stenght back before you go. But first start with dinner because we eat nothing yet said Alan. Okay you said. You all were on you way to the dinner-room. There where a lot of food on the table. You thaught i can't effen pay this food in the real world.
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Here take some food said John to you. Yeah ofcourse you said wel smiling. After some eating you guys to decide to go to bed it was a long day after al.

So as planed you guys did go to the fairy city only on the way you meet a new friend of John she was gorgeous and pretty you feeld jelous (but yeah we all do then) her name was Spencer she was a mermaid he said (wait a mermaid with legs??) you asked 'why does she have legs then??' Spancer said 'only in the water I got my tail but on land I have legs' oooohhh of course you said. Spencer asked at John 'so where are you guys going??' ooohhh we are just going to the fairy city said John. It is nice there said Spencer just make sure nothing happend to you all. Yeah said Alan.

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    《the other world》