the other world
8 fairy city
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the other world
Author :love_coco
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8 fairy city

Finally you guys where there 'WOW!' said Anna.

'It is so beautiful' you said yes it is said Alan. Okay let's look for Chloe said John. Okay here we go then guys you said. you where walking in the city and it was so big you could see every where fairies flying around finally you guys did found Chloe's house, So Alan did knocked on the door a pretty fairy come outside with beautiful yellow hair. Alan she said with a hug. And how is this she said with a smile.

I am Amily you said with a smile back, Nice to meet you Amily I am Chloe , nice to meet you too you said. John said then ' Chloe we need your help and it is important' What is wrong? said Chloe. Olivia is back he said she knows the lost princess is back. 'HOLD ON A MINUT!!!' said chloe lost princess don't tell me. Yes it is me you said shy. 'I can't believe it I really talking to the lost princess of the light side' said Chloe.

just take it easy said Alan. okay said Chloe. 'okay so Olivia is back and now she knows Amily is back she want to get ride of her forever because she is the only real royal that is left' said John. 'only we need to get Alex to defeat Olivia or she will kill Amily and will take over the hole world' said Alan. okay said Chloe let's go and get Alex then.

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    《the other world》