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third goal is still remaining
Author :neha161102
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2 way to dream

Now Priya knows that her destiny is waiting for her in Japan. She will find her new world there, for what she was waiting this years of her life. But with the happiness of finding a new world there was sadness also.....that now she has to live far away from her family, friends and all the things that were close to her heart. So she decide that even after living in other country she will not lose her thought, culture, friends, and all that she got here in India. after saying bye to everyone, she left India will tears in her eyes.....but a charming light was attracting her towards itself, it was the light from future. And she decide that she will face it will great smile. Atlast she put her feet on the land called Japan's capital Tokyo.

She had already booked hotel room so she went there, got fresh and next day join her duty. it took time for her to get mix with everyone but with the god sakes she got nice calics. slowly... slowly she got use to everything around even she became the most admire and renowned chemistry professor of the University. This was the time she felt that her first goal, which was to be a successful professor got completed.
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And now two remains.....


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