third goal is still remaining
3 Day I got proposal.
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third goal is still remaining
Author :neha161102
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3 Day I got proposal.

It was a simple day, as usual Priya woke up at 6:30 than got fresh and dressed up. She was wearing a light pink shirt which was halfly in into her dark blue skin touch jeans. She just fold her sleeves in mess but still, her smooth skined arms were looking outstanding. she than picked her notes from her study table. Now she is living with a roommate of her own age but she works in a factory. She tried to woke her up before leaving.

"Akari wake up my dear ....please for the god sake again u will be late for ur work...." with this just after some second she woke up. " heyyy don't wake me up, today I will sleep with my whole heart coz I don't want to wake up from this beautiful dream....hehehe". for sometime Priya look at Akari 's face than with a big smile ask her "what suddenly happen to my little bunny that she is this much happy.....did u got crush on some one." Akari hold priya's hand make her sit besides her and move slightly to give her space " now tell me dear what happen." Priya asked again.

" idiot....I m happy not because I got crush on some one but because I got proposed yesterday from the most handsome man of our group." Priya got shocked but not that much because Akari is also a beautiful woman. so she just gently move her hand on the head of Akari and ask her who that guy is? and what does she think of him.

" Priya u know that u r one of my best frnd with whom I share all my feeling but I m totally in mess coz I m scared to make a commitment​ to Genkei ......."

" oh my dear so his name is Genkei .... do he loves u?"

" Of coarse he likes me ."

Priya said " No I said do he loves u?."

" Now what's the difference???" Akari make a confused look.

" See if u r roaming in a garden and got a beautiful rose on one of a plant then there will be two possiblities.... first if u like that flower, u will just separate it from it's plant take it with u.....and if u love it, u will take care of both..... plant and flower."

So "what do u think he likes u or loves u, first think of this than take any decision. because here that rose is you and that plant is ur happiness."

Akari remain there with a pale look without answering Priya. So Priya thinks she need some space, therefore kissing gently on her forehead saying bye she left for the work.

University was not so far so she took the foot way. while walking she was thinking of the same thing she told to her friend just now.... she was wondering that.... Is there anyone in this world who is destined to be her sole mate? If there is someone​, where he would be now? and what type of person he would be? Just with a sigh she asked herself " oh God where is he and when will I find him ?"

She just laugh at herself and walk further with light blush on her chicks.

She went to her class took her lecture than...more classes... more lecture and at last it is over. when she was moving toward her staffroom she got bumped into some one she fall down even the person from front got shook all over but manage to remain still.

Priya look up to say sorry to that person because she was in hurry as she has to go to take her tusion classes that she was taking to earn extra spending.

But when she looked up ..... what's that???? who was there standing in front of her ????? she got shocked.

Will be continued.....


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