third goal is still remaining
4 Turning point.
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third goal is still remaining
Author :neha161102
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4 Turning point.

After making herself comfortable to stand she looked up gently with a sweet smile and a little guilt. And it was Mrs Yamamoto!!!!! standing in front of her, she is a wife of the chairman of yamamoto groups​ and industries co-operation. Priya was looking at her with a shocking looks on her face. What the heck had she did? she just ran into a billionaire's wife. She said quietly to her "sor....sorry.. Mrs Yamamoto" Priya was actually hoping for a rude reply from her. But Mrs yamamoto replied very sweetly "its all ok no one hurts anyone intentionally. "

Priya looked at Mrs yamamoto face for sometime she feels something familiar about her. It was because Mrs yamamoto looks more like priya's mother the only difference was her nose.

Priya's lips automatically gave a smile to her, Mrs yamamoto also gave her a smile back. Both stand there was a while.

Mrs yamamoto was a lady of age about 45+ but compare to that her skin was much shinny and clear with very less wrinkles. Even her dress was simpler​ but was a designer piece, which was looking great with her delicate diamond necklace.

Priya was figuring out what to do next, at the same time Mrs yamamoto sweet voice again hit her ears.

" Young lady what's ur name."

" Ahh....My name Priya.. I m professor here in chemical engineering department."

" So this mean that u belongs to this place right... my dear??? " she again ask with a tone which can show her class and nature.

" Yes, may I help you in any way." Priya asked her because it was looking obvious that Mrs yamamoto was expecting something from her.

"Oh yes.... I want to have a look here around... so need a nice guide and u can help me as a compensation for bumping into me" she laughed a little with a end

Priya was getting late for her tusion classes but she was not wanting to dare to say "No" to her. So she gently nod to her and show her, the way toward the entrance of main building of University. She just make a message to the tusion. To inform them about her absence.

Slowly without even getting​ known, they both starts chatting and laughing around, due to their common woman habits.....and at last they sat on one of the bench in the garden of University.

" Priya u are really a nice girl. Ur parent must be proud of you." she smiled again

Priya quietly nodded " Yupp, they always respect my dreams and thought. They are incredibly great parents. Now I just want to make them feel protected and proud. Coz this is the only thing I can do for them."

" Even if I would have got a girl..... I would have want her to be like u Priya." she finished the sentence with a drop of water on one of her chick from her eye. And a smile.

Actually Mr and Mrs yamamoto don't have any children. But they have adopted their brother's son who is consider as most handsome person nowadays popular among also girls of the Y city.

Priya again got confused what to change the atmosphere around. So she just tried to make Mrs yamamoto comfortable.

"If everything happens in the way we want them to is nice. But if it doesn't happen, it is much better because in that....there is God's will."

She looked at Priya with that wet eyes there is many things going on in her mind. Then she just stood up came near Priya and holding her hands she told her with heavy voice.

" Priya will be my daughter in law....will u marry my son Hikari.".....

Will be continued....


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