third goal is still remaining
5 Main story begins
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third goal is still remaining
Author :neha161102
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5 Main story begins

Introduction of each character is important for getting the main idea of the story. Everyone is unique in themselves so...

~HIKARI YAMAMOTO ( lead male character)

He is a person with class. He has his own high pride, he can't bear anyone challenging him. He is a CEO of YAMAMOTO group and industries and work along with his uncle. He is very punctual with his work and always act as his routine. He is brilliant enough to make good management and deals at company and known as Rude Buddha among his employees. He is also tall and handsome as complementry so, there are many girls in the country waiting to get atleast one night with him.

~ PRIYA PATEL (Led female character)
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Nice, sweet and beautiful common indian girl running after her dreams. She is fully filled with indian values and thoughts. Best philosopher and a best frnd too. Always try to make people around her happy. she is girl for whom pride and values are more important than money, that make her unique among all other girl.

Both Hikari and priya are two... totally different person. How the things are gonna happen in future.. if they get along together.

What is priya gonna do now .... is going to say yes to Mrs Yamamoto or she will just say no ??? what will happen if she agree to her proposal....what will be Hikari's reaction now .... what is going to happen now???

Many questions and only one answer. Now every thing depends on Priya's answer.

will be continued


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