third goal is still remaining
6 Answer!!!!: which will change the future
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third goal is still remaining
Author :neha161102
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6 Answer!!!!: which will change the future

Priya directly came back to her droom from University. She had skipped her both part time tusion classes today. Through the window of the droom sunset was looking gorgeously amazing, Whole sky was looking red with some effect of yellow and orange. There was heart melting silence in the atmosphere, crippling sound of the birds going back to their nest and the sweet whispering of wind was so soft to hear that it feels like they are touching priya's heart.

She went near the window and remain there for sometime to experience the beauty of the nature. Her mind was full of confusion so she was just wanting to be free from them for a little.

Mrs yamamoto's proposal was very sudden and Priya was not ready for that so she just ask for sometime​ from her. But the moment she left the University she made the decision that she will say no to her coz Hikari is someone beyond her limits...Middle class girls like her can just have him in their dreams. It was very clear that they both belongs to two different worlds.

Priya was still standing near the window... thinking about the previous incident and someone opened the door. And it was Akari standing there with a spare key in her hands. Akari was a little bit confused when she saw Priya in the room. It could be like that because Priya usually return home late due her tight schedule.

Looking at Akari on the door Priya gave her a smile but it was not looking like the usual smile of the was looking like ..that Priya was trying to hide her confusion and sorrow under that smile....

Akari was her best frnd so she quickly got that something is weird about Priya today. Akari also went near Priya and both stand there until the sky turns dark black from red. Slowly Akari broke the silence.

"Priya r u all ok, did something happen at work??" her concern for her make Akari more desperate.

"Actually Akari I don't know how to tell u but today something really unbelievable happened​ to me."

"Do u really think that I will not listen to u....even if u tell me that u saw a alien I will believe u... so what can be more unbelievable than this??" Akari replied with a big smile

And both starts laughing... then Priya told her everything that happened today with her and hearing this Akari couldn't control herself and starts screaming around stop her Priya cover her mouth tightly with her hands

" don't scream like this....u idiot."

" ok ok sorry.....but I can't believe this u are going to be the wife of most handsome person of y city...for whom super models and beautiful girls run around....." Akari was very excited hearing all this.

"Who is going to marry him??....I have to answer Mrs yamamoto tomorrow and I will clearly tell her NO." Priya replied her seriously.

"What??? how can u do this." Akari ask her angrily.

So Priya explained her everything that why she don't want to marry him and also she don't know what is Hikari's opinion on this.

After hearing priya, Akari slowly told her " What ever u said is totally right priya....but it is not an issue, the only issue here is what does Hikari think about u ???Cos they have enough money and they just want a virtuous wife for their son.....and also u don't have any boyfriend for whom u will feel guilty. So let Hikari... to make decision."

" I m still not sure..... should I ask mom about this???" Priya replied

" yupp.....but after meeting Hikari so that u will have a perfect news to tell her." Akari said with childish sound.

" Thanks a lot.... Akari, tomorrow I will make everything clear about about this."

" that will be perfect...but I want treat today...atleast for ur selection by Mrs yamamoto." Akari laughed and Priya joined.

Than they both went out for dinner and went to bed after having some funny and exciting talk.....and they also planned to go for shopping on next day.


Now tomorrow is the day which will decide what will be the further's in hand of Hikari that whom will he choose as her wife.

will Priya can manage to become...Mrs Hikari Yamamoto..or there is something else waiting for her.

Will be continued....


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