third goal is still remaining
7 what...... wife?
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third goal is still remaining
Author :neha161102
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7 what...... wife?

Mom where r u all of you, where r u taking my family.....stop!!!!!

"ahhhh..." suddenly some one came and Priya woke up from her sleep. it was very heart shaking dream. Actually Priya was in the Hikari's office. Last night after discussing the situation with Akari. Priya told Mrs yamamoto about her confusion and like a Caring mother Mrs yamamoto told Priya to meet her son Hikari and make a decision together. it was still like a dream for Priya to get such a offer for marriage she was very frightened about the idea of future.

She was from a small town of India where she spend her whole childhood like any simple kid. there was nothing different than other, she did well in her highschool and got admission in most renowned university of India. her parents were also happy and she even did well at college. the only difference was that all the girls of her age were having boyfriend and they were very social on the other hand Priya was a bookworm, she was so busy with her studies and future plans that she never got the change to think about any relationship to whom she can't give her time.

Some times she even regret that but the end made her satisfied. at the end she got her degree in chemical engineering and even did her PhD. she scored in top 10 of best students in India and got extraordinary job offers but she choose to be a professor. because this was about her dream.

now she is sitting the office of great business man who is even more extra ordinary than her. she was feeling inferior, what will happen if he make fun of her or make her feel uncomfortable in front of everyone!!! she got goosebumps even thinking of such situation.....she was very nervous even more than she was at her first interview.

Some on called out priya's name from reception. and Priya get in the cabine of Hikari.....

it was a huge room with all wooden furniture of dark brown shade there was a table right infront of the door after some distance. every thing was in the perfect situation....there was no mess anywhere even if that cabine is used day and night by Hikari.

Priya was confused about what to do next?? so she just sat down on the sofa at the corner she was wearing a light pink skirt with white shirt like she was there to attend any business meeting.she was nervous so she was continually rubbing her palm on her knee to clam herself down.

suddenly, some one came in the room. A tall handsome man with a great confidence on his face...with dark eyes and cold breeze around was Hikari.

Hikari didn't notice Priya sitting at the corner and walk toward his chair. looking at the Hikari coming in the room Priya stood up to greet him. just at the moment when Hikari was about to sit Priya greet him.

"hello. mr yamamoto, I m priya patel...nice to meet you." Priya said with a soft smile.

hearing the greetings from Priya Hikari gave smiled a little and than again with a cold look turn around to see her. "So u r the Priya that my mom's choose for me..?" Hikari replied with a his regular tone which sounds rude.

"Actually...sir..." after hearing Hikari Priya got more nervous."How can my mom's choose such a girl? even I m not getting the feeling like meeting a girl for deciding about marriage but I seems like I m with my assistant." Hikari said while revolving around Priya looking at her style and body and clothes.. everything that can reflect her character.

Priya got more nervous. she was feeling like she is drawning in water and Hikari's word are pulling her more inside the water.


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