third goal is still remaining
8 Capability is within me.
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third goal is still remaining
Author :neha161102
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8 Capability is within me.

At a certain moment Hikari really came to close to priya....his arms were around her waist with a very gentle touch, she was able to feel his breath on her neck touch smoothly.. which was making her uncomfortable with every heart beat Priya was feeling Hikari presence coming more closer to her. whole atmosphere in the cabine turned dark like there is something wrong going to happen. Priya put her gaurds on, she thought that it doesn't matter with whom she is now, the only thing that matter is...who she is? she can't let anyone to take her advantage just because he is superior at a some level. Than with a great confidence she made herself up and getting out of the physical situation in which Hikari put her.

With a loud and deep voice she said directly to Hikari without any hesitation " Mr Hikari Yamamoto I m not like the women you know, I am a lady with pride and I don't appreciate such physical touch. it is possible that u will think of me as a non modern or civilised woman also it is genuine for you to think of me as a money sucker, I don't mind that because it is obvious that there are many women want to make u their. But it doesn't matter unless there is fault in my character so today I came her because Mrs yamamoto told me to have faith in her and judging from her admirable character I thought u would be a nice person also atleast I can take some inspiration from u. But I don't know what u r thinking of me.

she just said that all, in one breath without thinking about Hikari's reaction. it generally happens when situation comes to our bottom line of tolerance.

Than at last, without looking at Hikari. Priya took a deep breath and said her last words to make their conversation clear, looking straight into Hikari's dark eyes with a non stopable speed. "so Mr Hikari what's ur opinion about me it doesn't matter, it was nice meeting you. may God bless you with a virtuous wife. thankyou. please allow me to leave."

she didn't broke the eye contact, it looked like all her nervousness went away with the exhale of her each breath. there was a spark of confidence and perfection in her eye which was making her more beautiful and classy.

...."that's the woman I want."...

Hikari's words that broke the silence


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