third goal is still remaining
9 Contractual marriage?
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third goal is still remaining
Author :neha161102
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9 Contractual marriage?

After hearing the words of Hikari, Priya didn't get the thing Hikari wants to convey. what does it mean by "woman I want"??? did he fall for her? but how?" she was just browsing everything in her small head but still didn't ask anything and wait there standing still, for Hikari's further words...she was looking at him with curiosity in her eye and with every further second her face was turning more red, than atlast hikari continued with a small pause.

"so are you willing to be my wife?" Hikari added. all this were totally different from what Priya thought of. Hikari said "yes"? but why? it is obvious that she is not such a great beauty to make a business tycoon fall for her and also not that much rich, than why? was there anything else hidden behind the words of Hikari? she was able to sense something fishy about the Hikari's proposal.

when Priya was going through all this thoughts.... Hikari walked towards his chair and sit there calmly. he was waiting for Priya to turn around towards him but he didn't mentioned that and just stayed quit. suddenly when Priya came to the sense she noticed that Hikari was behind her sitting on his chair playing with the paper weight, so she turned around to see him.

"I know what you are thinking." Hikari said as he saw priya's confused face. "huh..?" Priya was still not able to get the situation and again heard the cold voice of demon.

"lets make it clear little kitten, I m not interested in you... actually not even to the inch of you, but still I will marry you. and trust me it will be the most beneficial proposal for ur whole life." Hikari mentioned like a business man talking about a deal where he had a grip and it doesn't matter what other party think he will take what he want.

" I don't know what you are trying to say. you want to marry me but also you are not interested in me, what does that mean?" Priya asked with anger, after hearing Hikari's word. she got so angry that she was just wanting to hit him directly on head with the vase placed on the working table in front of her.

" are right, I don't like you....but the important thing is, my mother likes you." Hikari than paused and picked his phone up. he was having a message, so he just took a look over it and after typing few words he continued with Priya. Priya didn't say anything and waited for Hikari to come back to her.....she was so angry that she clenched her fist to control her anger.

" So Miss Priya let's make it clear and concise; I want to marry you just because of my mother. now as she likes you and want to see you as her daughter in law I want to fulfill her wish. there is no other way or u can say option...for you to go back, so you have to make a contractual marriage with me." after saying this Hikari stood up from his chair and went near Priya than after covering the safe distance between them he came too close to her. he looked in her eye and than after smoothly rolling up her hair from one side of her neck Hikari whispered​ "Hikari never ask but he orders." that one sentence gave goose bumps to priya. it was like she heard the voice of demon asking her to sacrifice her soul and body to him.

is this something that is destined to be done with her? what will happen next?what type of marriage will it be?.....

to be continued....


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