third goal is still remaining
10 Am I a puppet to u?
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third goal is still remaining
Author :neha161102
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10 Am I a puppet to u?

After hearing Hikari, Priya was blank it was all of sudden... she was feeling like snake crawling on her body which was very terrifying feeling. she asked Hikari for some time to think about it and got a simple statement as an answer from him " no matter what u think, u are destined to be my wife and that's final decision and no one can stop me from making it true."

Every girl wants to hear this once in her life. Priya was also as common as other... wanting to hear it but this was definitely different from what she dreamed. there was a sound of dominator in the statement it was like a line drawn on the rock which is unchangeable. she was not in her sense anymore

Priya stood there for some more seconds. This few seconds were like the bubbles in soda. all the particles of anger which were held tightly deep inside somewhere in priya's heart burst out. And she just came to her bottom line and didn't find anything perfect to say Hikari so she just shouted..." why me....why me always." [soob..soob :'( ]

" always! you all have to exert your thoughts... your dreams on me. nobody ever cared that what I want...what I like?, from very first...while everybody else of my age was playing around enjoying their life, I just spent my time enhancing my skills...why?....because mom and dad wants me to be good at academics, they never thought it I was a child too, who like to roam around, observing the world and experience every possibilities of life but no! I was not allowed to... Even when everybody were going through their adolescence...I was still there sitting inside my room reading books and trying to enhance my skills... after a while, without even getting aware I made reading and writing my hobby because, that was the only way for letting my imagination make me free from my life where nobody was there to stop or restrict me...." it was like time stopped for a moment.

Even after trying hard tears started rolling down. they started slipping from priya's red cheeks like heavy rain pouring on the leaf of soft tree's leaves. today she just don't want to stop. it doesn't matter to whom she is sharing this or who is there to listen her. the only thing she want to do was, to say it out!

and she again continued while looking at her feet, " slowly or eventually I just became a person who is far away from the trend, people around me started calling me by many names like bookworm, boring, and so on but that didn't ever bother me, because I thought I'm doing this to make my parents happy. even I choose to be engineer instead of journalist for them, I just spend my 22 years just to make people around me satisfied and after getting the job in the university where my dad wants me to work .....I thought now it time to live life as i want ...but no..buuuuuutttttt noooo" Priya again end with shouting

"you came to my life , a dominator wanting me to do as he want... what did I do wrong that make u all feel like I m someone, on whom u can force anything? Am I a puppet to u?" she said that just in one breath, Priya stopped and whipped off tear from her face in a messy way and due to that all her face turned red.

Hikari looked at the bright, crystal like eye of Priya having tears in them, she was looking very pretty that any man would fall for her beauty..Hikari got shocked and confused because of priya's sudden reaction and was wondering what to do? he was thinking should I comfort her? no, why should l? or it will be better to just stand still and hear her out. this was the first time Hikari let anybody to shout in front of him...was that because he fall for her....but that silly guy doesn't know this.

will be continued...!!


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