third goal is still remaining
11 Way to my heart!
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third goal is still remaining
Author :neha161102
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11 Way to my heart!

Priya stood there for some more time, this few seconds were like the bubbles in soda. All the particles of anger and sorrow which were held tightly, deep inside her heart burst out and came to the top of the situation.she didn't find anything perfect to say but eagerly wanting to answer Hikari.

So she just screamed "Why.....why me?"

*it was like time stopped for a minute and than.....a big bang'bang.*

"Always! you all have to exert your thoughts and ur wants on me! Nobody ever cared about me, What I want? what I feel? what can give me comfort? where does my happiness exist?

Became an engineer. Why? coz dad wants priya to be an engineer. It was known to me that industrial job is something out of my way of work, My dream was to become a journalist. And also wanting to open my own NGO. My satisfaction was not in being an engineer but somewhere's was not like they were not knowing but it was just that they feel that would not suit me...I has to be me, to choose what suits me and what not?

They were also there when I said.. I can't work as an engineer. And what they got as an idea. Work as a professor is also pretty good. And at last I end up here, working in my mother dream University.

Priya words were giving the feel like sorrow, pain, anger get mixed up and came out like a volcanic eruption. Hikari was standing infront of her lining on his table with his mug of coffee and was listening her with no experiences on his face.

Actually he was confused what to do? comfort her? so that she can feel warm and get calm or just let her speak? so that she can take out everything that she was holding inside her for such a long time.

Without thinking of the situation or time or people, Priya continued with her words.

" When at last my life was going as smooth and comfortable as it can be and I was feeling free...u came. U came and ruined everything. I was having a wrong mind set that rich people have better understanding and can get the point easily but no u all are just stubborn and rude and think like u r the only people on the earth."

she took a deep breath and connecting her eye with Hikari's, again continued

" U know what? I know that even if today, if I would agree to be ur future is definitely going to be like a parrot in golden cage, luxurious life with no rights!. So Mr Hikari I want to clear myself today, if u are thinking I m just a girl having much lower status compare to urs...u must remember that I m a person who can live without food or money or all this luxurious comfort but will never lose own self-respect and moral.

It was looking like all her sorrow turned into anger but suddenly even after trying hard tears ran out of her eyes.

" So please Mr Hikari....please leave me alone and let me live as I want...please"

She end up crying she don't want to stop just need to let out the grief. Who knows that in future will she get such chance?

Hikari standing there was just looking at the beauty of Priya, her crystal eyes with double eyelids, fair skin and red nose with hairs softly touching her lips as she was sobbing!

Can we call it a moment of love...when someone open up her heart and the other one choose to understand rather than blaming?

to be continued...


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