third goal is still remaining
12 want to run far away!
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third goal is still remaining
Author :neha161102
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12 want to run far away!

Suddenly after getting consciousness Priya found herself at the most worst condition of her life. She just said something that she never wanted to share with anyone and today she just said that in front of a person she hated the most.

She was in totally mess. there was just one way in front of her "to run away". She ran out of the Hikari's office and went towards the lift and started clicking the buttons without thinking of anything. She made herself​look good by combing her hair with her fingers, cleaned her maskara with handkerchief. As the door of lift opened she ran out quickly and didn't looked back.

She was just wanting to run away from this society where there is no value of people with good and caring heart, where there is no place for sacrifice and contributer feeling.

Priya was just running somewhere without thinking of anything and it was almost noon with sun on the head hot wind was flowing all around. after running for many miles Priya came to a bridge of love. it was over the river and called so because every lover lock there named lock on it so that their may remain as it was when they locked the lock of love here.

She stand there for some time and than sat down at the corner of the bridge's wall. She felt calm and wanting that feeling to last for more hours but suddenly her phone rang and it was Akari's call but generally this time is her office hour.

Priya thought that it must be something urgent that she called. And as she picked the phone Akari screamed "priya..aa!"

"Hey, what happened ? calm down!!!" Priya replied with confused and comforting tone.

"Where are u ? a whole gang of handsome man is standing here in front of our door. With there cute handsome boss!" Akari answered with whispering voice.

" Boss? who is it?" Priya was scared because it was known to her who it can be

" Hikari Yamamoto" Akari again replied with exciting way.

Priya just disconnect the phone immediately after hearing the Akari's​answer. she was confused and scared just thinking that what to do next.

So she decide that one day she has to face this.....why not today?

will be continued...


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