third goal is still remaining
13 I really want you!
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third goal is still remaining
Author :neha161102
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13 I really want you!

Priya went to her drom, where both Hikari and Akari was waiting for her with many men there. As Priya entered Akari jumped toward her. And hugging her said with enthusiasm " hey...u got perfect man for yourself...what a selfish girl"

After hearing Akari... priya looked toward Hikari before answering akari And it was like Hikari got, what Priya want to say, and told his men to get out for a bit for some loneliness.

Akari also followed them and now they were the only one in the room. It was like they both are waiting for each other to start the conversation. And at last Hikari broke the silence.

" You must be thinking that why am l here? "

"ummm" Priya nodded

" Look it is now know to you that there is no option other than marriage for u, but the things u told me, made me think again."


"Let me first tell you why, I m forcing u to marry grandmother...means my mother's​ mother was an Indian so when my mom met u at university, u make her remind of my grandmother so she want u to be her sister in law."

" oh...that was the reason I felt that typically indian type of feeling with Mrs yamamoto!"

" yes...Also.....she is on her last stage of cancer! and her last wish is ' you'." Hikari's​ face fall down with the end of sentence.

and then he again continued...Priya didn't interrupt this time. She stood there with a shooking face expression as she never imagined that Mrs yamamoto would be suffering from cancer.

"Look I don't have any love in my life and same goes for u, so why don't we try each other, I know that it's not what u want, but atleast think through this."

"Than what about the contract?"

"About that...yes that is going to happen... first we will make a contract for a year... at the end if we fall in love, we will continue and if not contract it will be end for both of us and we can have divorce ."

" So are we going to marry each other for real? and will be real husband and wife?"

" yeah..." Hikari answered was eagerly looking toward Priya to see what will she choose.

" And what about my personal rights?"

"Silly!... we are going to marry like ordinary couples so there u can have ur rights like any ordinary married woman."

"oh..!! but can I have some t..." Priya was going to ask something but Hikari interrupt.

"yes u have time. ..I will make a coffee with Akari and u can sit here till then and think."

Priya wanted to stop him but he left. She just sat on her bed thinking for a bit ...that what to do? what will happen in future? what will she say to her parents? how will they react? what will be the reaction of other people after hearing such contractual marriage? than she got that.....she had thought enough about society and others, now it's time to do something as she want.

It has to be her not other to take decision for her life.

And there came Hikari giggling with Akari from was looking like they both got with each other very well in this short time.

Hikari extend the coffee cup toward Priya.

Priya looked up, and said " I don't like coffee,.... u must know this so that u can take good care of me in future!"

Hikari gave a long, big smile hearing Priya.

" I want to marry u, Hikari. Will u?"

"Ofcourse dear, i am happy just hearing this few words of urs, but would u like to hug me first?"

"aaahhh?" Priya found it a bit awkward

"come on! just a friendly hug." Hikari said

"Why not?" Priya said in Naughty tone

"Me too" Akari also joined the hug.

to be continued.....


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