third goal is still remaining
14 A new start!
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third goal is still remaining
Author :neha161102
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14 A new start!

That whole day Priya thought about Hikari and with every passing hours she felt more good about him. She thought that even if she was just a normal girl for the sake of his mother he choose to marry her, also he didn't snatched away her rights but choose to understand, than, why don't she try to become an ideal wife?

And at last Priya decide that she will learn and try her best to be a virtuous wife.

Another day popped up, there was nothing new but a simple day as usual.

still it was more like a new life to Priya she got up even before her alarm, it was because she didn't slept at all. She was excited and full of joy. she got washed up, wore her favourite dress and put on some makeup. Today she wants to look pretty.

She took her notes, packed her bag and went to her duty, actually X University was not too far but today the path was different, today Priya was not in hurry, she was walking slowly. Observing the beauty of nature around her that she didn't noticed in this past days, ever.

She went to her class, as she was really a good professor and popular among her student,they ask her about yesterday, that why was she not there?as she was on leave yesterday.

Just that one question brings a blushing smile on her face. Slowly slowly the day passed and every one got break for an hour. Rather than eating Priya choose to visit Library, there she went through many shelf but didn't find the book she was searching for.

" it was here some where, I know, I have seen it with my own eyes!" Priya said to herself

and here she go...she got the book she was searching for.

" Here u are, ' 100 ways to be a good wife'. " Priya said with a satisfaction.

Just after the moment Priya got the book, a man came to here having a black jacket with a Bluetooth in his ear surely someone's body gaurd or assistant!

" Good after noon miss, I m Henry. Mr Hikari's assistant."

"oh! good afternoon, nice to meet you. Do you have something to do with me?"

"Actually mam, Sir is waiting for you and he is in his car. So I came here for u"

"Hikari? ok. let's go" Priya followed Henry with a gentle smile.

they approach to the Hikari's car, he was waiting for Priya there on the back site with door open and one leg out, with a cool stunning facial expressions that can make any woman to fall for him.

" Here u are dear. I was searching for you all over the university and my wife was in library. what were u doing there?"

Priya immediately fold her hand over the book so that nobody can read its name. she was not wanting to seem like taking initiative first.

"Ahh... nothing just a book of chemistry was there, so I was searching for it"

"ohh so chemistry books also have names like that?" Hikari put his both palms on priya's shoulder, he linned a little on her and whispered in ears "100 ways to be a good wife? ha"

As Hikari's breath touched priya's ear, she turned red. And immediately she turned her gaurds on

" So what? I was just...u know...!"

"Ok ok no more teasing, but actually thankyou. For trying for me." Hikari said with a cute smile

It looks like Priya got convinced, seeing Hikari smiling.

"So my dear wife, why don't u sit in car? so that we can leave." Hikari said in gentle way.

"Who is ur wife? we are not married yet" Priya said while getting in the car as she was having kind of embarrassing feeling.

they both got into car and Hikari instruct something to Henry.

Priya's curiosity increase as the car started running on road and at last she lost control and directly asked Hikari

"where are we going?"

"Actually we are not at going to any one place but today, I m taking you to some places which are either important to me or part of my first my vila to meet mom and uncle."

"Mr and mrs yamamoto?"


"doesnt it sounds weird when u call Mrs yamamoto mom and mr yamamoto uncle?"

"Actually miss, Mr Hikari's dad is alive so he can't address anyone else like that and also Mrs yamamoto was there with sir when he was very little so it became his habit to call her mom" Henry answered as Priya asked Hikari

"Yupp, that can be valid" Hikari said with a smile looking at Henry.

"Okaaaay. So after vila, where are we going?" Priya again asked

" mam from vila, we will go to sir's office and will introduce you to other employees, than to graveyard to meet his mother and at the end to pheonix bar to meet sir's friends." With this Henry explained whole time table to Priya.

"What? why don't you told me earlier. I would have wore nice dress or done something to my face so that..." priya was about to complete her sentence before that Hikari kissed her on forehead.

" U are the most beautiful woman,I know." Hikari said with softness in his tone.

" where did u learn this?" Priya turned her face toward the window as she was totally red (blushing) due to Hikari's action.

And through the window she saw a huge vila that would not lack behind, if compare to any royal palace. That was mesmerizing, beauty around the vila caught up priya's sight.

Car entered through the gate and Henry opened the door for Priya. There now she was standing infront of Asia's richest man's vila.

to be continued....


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