third goal is still remaining
16 Let“s enter into each other“s world!
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third goal is still remaining
Author :neha161102
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16 Let“s enter into each other“s world!

Both Hikari and Priya were wanting​ to know about each other. Also it was a bit awkward to give/explain the list of your like and dislike suddenly to someone.

So they decide that from now on in every situation they will share, that what they like and what they don't. and make each other aware of each other's habits and style of living.

after discussing all this Priya took the initiative and asked " So, who am I gonna meet today?"

"They are my friends, or you can say four gems of my life! but don't tell them that I told u this."

seeing Hikari like this Priya smiled and said " okay, then what are the names of your friends and also I would like to know, what type of people they are?"

Hikari put down the window of his car a little, harry was still driving very seriously.

hikari continued with his matured tone.

"they are Reo, Kiato, Sanada and Ishida. and about their personalities, I would like you to know them by yourself, the only thing I can say is we all five are totally different , there is no similarities in between us. but still we are together and I think unbreakable." Hikari's​ face glow up with confidence.

" Looks like u have much faith in ur friendship! anyone of them married?"

" No, I am the first one to get married" Hikari showed no expression while answering, it must be like this, because he was feeling shy.


" also u are the first women, who is accompanying us in our funspot"


" yeah...From our college time, it had become our life routines to meet every Saturday in phoenix club and getting relax by sharing our whole week with each other. No one from us miss any Saturday, if there is not any most urgent work"

" wow....It sounds like u all are really very close, as even after getting the responsibilities of career and business u all tries to stick up with each other."

" Yes!" Hikari said with a smile. And slowly turned toward the window to look outside.

" Actually I want to ask you something....." She didn't complete the sentence, as she was not confident. Priya was still curious about Hikari's past....that, was there any woman in his life before she came ? but she was not sure how to ask, initially it was Akari ( priya's best friend) who inserted this question in priya's mind.

" Yes? what is it? " Hikari said in gentle tone with a little smile and showing questioning gesture by uplifting his eyebrows.

" Sir, we are here." harry interrupt when priya was about to ask.

" let's continue after going in....okay?"

" Aaahh...okay" priya was totally into embarrassing situation.

She was never curious about the presence of any person in Hikari's life, the thing that matters for her is, what Hikari thinks about them? doesn't matter, that it was in past or in present or will be in future.

What if there is any woman in his heart? and what will he do if she comes again in his life?

Priya was thinking all this and Hikari opened the car's door for her and holding priya's hand, he helped her to get down.

And Priya also came of her thoughts.

* Don't think much, you are Hikari's future wife and that's true, even if there was any woman or not, that doesn't matter because u are the future. Be confident Priya....yes*

Priya boost her own self by thinking this.

Priya roles her arms around Hikari's and they both went in.

It was almost 10 pm and whole club was looking very lively, Priya was following with Hikari's step and they went towards the VIP section.

to be continued...

also the introduction of all the four new character will be in next chapter ( in short).


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