third goal is still remaining
17 Making way to hearts!
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third goal is still remaining
Author :neha161102
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17 Making way to hearts!

Hikari and Priya went to the VIP room section, but before entering Hikari got a phone call. He asked Priya to go in, he will join her after taking that phone call.

Priya nodded with a smile. Hikari kissed her forehead and went away to attend the call.

Priya was a bit nervous to enter alone, so she decided​ to stay and wait for Hikari to come back. Priya was standing in a corner near the gate of main VIP rooms column. Suddenly a drunk man who was passing by, noticed her. he came near and block Priya in the corner.

" All wanna play?"

" Sorry mister u are mistaking, I am here with my date." Priya said while suffering to get away from him.

"How pity, ur date left u's ok I will accompany you" that man said while trying to kiss Priya on her neck.

" Ayyye....mister can't u understand such a simple word, get out of my way. If u wanna live some more day, let me go." Priya got on her gaurds and typical indian girl came out naturally, as it happens when u stuck up in any problem your real self come out.

"oohh....little kitty knows how to play. u must note this, u look really sexy like this."

"you..." Priya kicked him on his main part and jump out of that corner.

than man laid down on floor and screamed hard.

" How dare u? do u know who I am? what my status is? You crazy woman,I will teach u lesson."

Priya made the move out of anger but now she was little frightened, and looked here and there, her eyes were searching for Hikari.

"Where this man went away? when u need him the most" she mummered.

Than that man stands up and walked toward Priya, his eyes was having that devil look in them, as he was moving nearer, Priya was moving away from him and after few steps she found no way coz there was a wall, out of afraid she closed her eyes. she could feel that man's hand reaching her but even after several seconds no one touched her . so she opened her eyes.


there was a strange man holding that other evil man's hand.

" Oh Mr Hanato, don't you know how to behave with a girl." that strange man said while twisting evil man's hand with a foxy smile.

" Mr....Mr Ree...?reyo"

as that evil man said the name, Priya looked toward that strange man, priya's eyes were red and full of tears, her face turned all pink. Reyo also looked at her. looking at her he gave a confused looked as he felt a bit shy being stared by Priya but after then he gave a smile of protection to her.

Priya felt at ease, and reyo released that evil man's hand but just after being released when he was trying to run away Hikari came from behind and kicked him very hard from behind. Also sensing chaos the club gaurd came to the location.

"Gaurds make sure to fuck him off and I never see this scumbag here again " Hikari was looking angry and his voice was also very furious.

Gaurds started taking away Mr Hanato and he kept asking for mercy to Hikari and reyo because it was known to him that the consequences will be devastating.

After a moment, Hikari turned toward Priya and hugged her tightly. he kept on rubbing her back very smoothly that was very motherly feeling and make Priya relaxed, she took a long breath and hugged him back.

Reyo was standing there and he kept on looking them and after a while Hikari noticed him. And turned to him.

"Thanks bro..." he said with a smile and he patted reyo's shoulder.

" that something a man should be doing, it's okay. but who is she?"

"ummm" Hikari looked at Priya and Priya was standing there cluelessly.

"Dont tell me that this the new member to your family that aunty ( Mrs yamamoto) told me about."

"she already told u?..what should I do with this woman" Hikari got pissed up. and reyo burst out in laugh.

Reyo than turned toward Priya,

" Hello sister in law l, I m Shimotsuki Reyo and I am your future brother in law and your future husband's one of the best friend."

" Hello... nice to meet you, I am Priya. please take care of me in future." Priya bow down in Japanese style that they always do and said with a smile.

"Of course." reyo gave a smile to " first let's go in our friends are already waiting for us in there."

reyo went in. Than Hikari hold priya's hand tightly but with a feeling of care.

" Make sure to be around me don't get into trouble again" Hikari said with his attitudinal voice as always.

" You were the one who left me first, now trying to act like a boss." Priya mummered to herself.

" What did u said? "


"Okay than...let's get in.


to be continued...


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